Equipment Rental

  • Sectional Barges (Bentley Series) 45' x 34' x 4', 60 ton working capacity. Available with or without hydraulically operated spuds.
  • Pontoon Workboats Lengths from 23' to 30', 8' wide, 2' draft. 50 and 60 H.P. outboards
  • Portable Dredge, hydraulic operated spuds
  • Cargo Barge (Tommy Y) 30' x 12' x 4.', 15 ton working capacity.
  • Diesel Workboat Slugger II 30' x 10', 3' draft, 230 H.P.
  • Diesel Workboat Marguerite 30' x 8', 3' draft, 80 H.P.
  • Landing Craft 30' x 8', 3' draft, 150 H.P. outboard
  • Jack Up Barge 24' x 18', 4' , 8 ton working capacity
  • Safety Boats Lengths from 14' to 16'. 15, 20 and 25 H.P. outboards.
  • Crawler Crane 30 ton with piling, dragline and clam capacity
  • Kool Suit for contaminated hot water diving
  • Hydraulic Underwater equipment and hand tools
  • Hyperbaric chamber available
  • Underwater colour video and still camera equipment
  • R.O.V. Remotely Operated Vehicle with 2000' tether line available
  • A wide variety of marine related smaller equipment available such as air and hydraulic tools, depth sounders, chain saws, welding and cutting equipment

O.D.S. Marine Construction is a Canadian company specializing in Marine Construction and Engineering Services, Commercial Diving, Boat, Barge and Tug Rentals.

We use experienced personnel and the latest professional equipment, have $2,000,000+ liability insurance for marine work and are in good standing with the Workers' Compensation Board.

We have experienced personnel on staff with up to date training in first aid, CPR and WHMIS AND THE FOLLOWING SERVICES:

  • 24 hour service;
  • 5 radio equipped service trucks;
  • Pager equipped personnel;
  • Large inventory of marine equipment;
  • Fabrication shop;
  • Boom containment;
  • Video/still photography;
  • Professional reports;
  • $2,000,000+ liability coverage;
  • Contaminated diving;
  • Hydrostatic cylinder testing;
  • Air fill station

SCBA Servicing

  • Our trained staff can inspect, service and refill cylinders from Scott, Draeger, M.S.A., etc. up to 4500 psi at our CSA certified air station.
  • Contaminated Environments and Air Space Entry
  • We have specially trained personnel and equipment for working in contaminated environments.
  • Our trained personnel, available on a 24 hour basis, equipped with Scott-Paks, positive pressure breathing apparatus, Cascade system, and two way communications are available for contaminated air space entry.

Fabrication Shop

  • Our well equipped fabrication shop is used to supplement our customers' requirements as well as for our own equipment maintenance.
  • In fact, the majority of our floating equipment was built and designed in our shop by our personnel.

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